Wife. Sister. Friend. Creator.

lead photographer Alison Kroening with Grace Creatives

Hi There!

My name is Alison (Grace) Kroening. I am the owner and lead photographer with Grace Creatives photography based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

At heart, I am an adventure enthusiast and lover of simplicity. Most days I am Inspired by serving others and being mesmerized by God’s marvelous creation. As a young child, I flipped through photo albums every couple of months just to relish in the memories that had been collected. This love of photography followed me throughout high school and college. During this time, I took full pleasure in the phrase “oh wait, Alie has to take a photo.”

After graduating from college in 2012, I got married, moved to Colorado, and started working as a full-time elementary school teacher. Although I loved forming relationships with students and leading them to fulfill their highest potential, I often dreamed about working for myself and becoming a full-time photographer. During my free time and on the weekends, I would work with friends and acquaintances to document their engagement photos, maternity photos, and family photos. 

At the beginning of 2019, my husband was offered a new position in Milwaukee and we decided to move/establish roots back in the midwest. It was during this transition that I finally took the leap and pursue photography full-time.  

Each day is a gift. It is my mission to continue to serve, document, and produce creatives that remain in peoples’ hearts and homes forever. Each moment should be acknowledged as something to be grateful for in life’s grand adventure. Whether this may be a giggle shared between a mother and her child, a beautiful moment from past loved ones, or an afternoon spent baking with the person you want to spend your life with; I want to be able to cherish those moments with you and honor the days that we have been given as gifts. 

Any Questions? ASK! And when you do, be sure to share your story! 

Alison and Shane Kroening Owners of Grace Creatives
Photo of Alison Grace holding a film camera with Grace Creatives Photography