Photo Album Information

Grace Creatives provides album purchasing options to all clients. When debating whether or not an album is a good choice for you, think about the following:

  • Keepsake
      • If you’ve been lucky enough to view your grandparents or parent’s wedding albums, then you know that printed albums make a truly valuable keepsake. A beautiful token of remembrance that can be used to reflect back on your most prized moments.
  • Simplified
      • Digital galleries and folders of images contain ALL the images. Printed albums provide a concise, uncomplicated, and delightful reflection of your grand story.
  • Tangible
      • The feeling you get when your hold smooth pages and your heart fills up with sweet emotion from the day your moments were captured Looking at your photos in print is a whole different experience.
  • Passable
      • Albums provide you with an opportunity to be present with others. Together, you and your loved ones can verbalize your favorite moments, explore different perspectives, and belly laugh while sharing memories.
  • Backed Up
      • Sometimes unexpected acts happen, and digital files are wiped. I know I have personally experienced a drop in the stomach when realizing that photos from a precious moment were lost. Printed images and albums provide an extra backup when situations like this occur.

Album Ordering Guide

1. Choose the album size & cover

  • Think about where you will display and/or share the album with others
    • Choose whether you would like a photo or fabric cover
      • When choosing fabric colors, think about the following
          • + Timeless fabrics and colors
          • + Colors that match the place where you will store your album (ex: coffee table in your living room or display shelf in your entranceway)
          • + Wedding colors (for wedding albums)

2. Think about potential add ons you would like you purchase

  • Example: Debossing, Dust Jacket, and/or Additional pages

3. Fill out the "Album Order - Planning Form" & send to Alison

  • If you wish to purchase different or additional albums (on behalf of other family members or as gifts), please submit a separate form for each album you wish to purchase.
  • Digital “Album Order – Planning Forms” are located HERE

4. WEDDING DAY! Alll the photos get captured 🙂

5. Narrow down your favorite photos or allow Alison to do all the choosing

  • Once you receive your gallery, view all the photos, and do a little happy dance! Then, start to narrow down some of your favorites or allow Alison to do all of the choosing.

    • Option One: Choose Favorites
        • 1. Choose at least 3 of your favorite images from each part of the day and click on the “heart” button beneath the photo in the gallery.
        • 2. Example moments to “favorite” from your wedding day:
            • + Girls getting ready
            • + Guys getting ready
            • + Pre-ceremony and/or first look
            • + Ceremony
              • Walking down the aisle
              • Special moments from the ceremony
            • + Formal portraits
            • + Bridal party portraits
            • + Family portraits
            • + Cocktail Hour
            • + Reception
              • Details
              • Guests
              • Speeches
              • Dances
      • **Please note that the ability for Alison to import all of your ‘favorite-ed’ images will depend upon the number of images with “hearts” and the number of pages you are interested in purchasing. She suggests you purchase at least 10 spreads (20 pages) for wedding albums. 
    • Option Two: Grace Creatives Album Creation
      • If you are having a difficult time picking your favorites, there is also the option to forgo choosing your favorites and instead have Alison use her expertise to plan out and select images that help tell the story! 

6. Approve digital proof

Alison will create a digital proof of your album for you to review and approve. Once complete, she will send it via email for you to preview, suggest changes and confirm the final order.

7. Submit payment

Upon approval of the album proof, you will be billed, and the order will be placed.

8. Album delivery!

Lastly, your album will be delivered! Get ready to cherish, remember, and share the story for years to come!