A Day with Apex Adventure Alliance | Devils Lake State Park

Climbing at Wisconsin's Devils Lake State Park

I was fortunate enough to work with the Apex Adventure Alliance crew earlier this month and photograph their typical “Open Group Rock Climbing Adventure” and “Anchors Course” at Devils Lake State Park! 


Meet our group leader for the day: Jacob! Before we even arrived, Jacob had climbed up the bluff to set the ropes and anchor system!

Apex Adventure Alliance

To start the day, we met Jacob in the parking lot on the south end of the park (near the boat launch). Since the Apex team operates out of their Apex Adventure Alliance branded trailer, they are super easy to spot and meet-up with. 


After getting our gear, the guide led our group up to the wall. For this specific day, we climbed on the west side of the lake. Since the wall is not off of the typical hiking trails, I was very glad to have had Jacob leading us! Otherwise, we would have definitely gotten lost. 


Once at the wall, Jacob helped everyone get on their equipment and talked about the routes that had been set-up. He reviewed belay basics and taught anyone who needed help. Afterwards, he made himself available to step-in and belay people if need be.

Since Jacob had already set-up the routes earlier that day, we were able to get climbing and on the wall right away! 

Apex Adventure Alliance hike
Apex Adventure Alliance belaying
Group Climbing at Devils Lake State Park
Apex Adventure Alliance

After climbing a few routes, Jacob led me to the top of the wall and pointed me in the direction of another group taking the “Anchors Course.” From here, I was able to document Lynn and her students practicing their anchoring skills. 

Apex Adventure Alliance anchoring instructor Lynn
Apex Adventure Alliance Devils Lake
Apex Adventure Alliance anchoring class with lynn
Apex Adventure Alliance ropes

If you are interested in climbing at Devil’s Lake State Park, but don’t have the equipment or skills needed to do it yourself, then I highly recommend booking with Apex Adventure Alliance! Click here to find out more information about their company.

Apex Adventure Alliance
Devils Lake State Park Apex Adventure Alliance
Apex Adventure Alliance

All in all, I had a fabulous time with this company and am so glad they invited Grace Creatives Photography along to help document their services. If your company is interested in hiring me to document your services or produce website/social media imagery then let’s connect!