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Milwaukee Nine-Month Baby Photos | Harrison David

Milwaukee Nine-Month Baby Photos | Harrison David This past week, I loved capturing Harrison David’s nine-month milestone session! During our time together, I was able to witness a few of his new skills…army crawling and pulling himself up on furniture. By the next time Grace Creatives photographs this little guy I am sure he’ll be taking some of his first steps and perhaps even a little bit more difficult to… Read More »Milwaukee Nine-Month Baby Photos | Harrison David

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Milwaukee Six-Month Photos | Harrison David

Milwaukee Six-Month Photos | Harrison David This blog post is dedicated to another milestone update with Harrison David. Happy Six Months! This little guy was just starting to sit-up on his own during the days leading up to his six-month photos with Grace Creatives. As you might be able to tell in the photos below, he loves putting things in his mouth and is all about making noises. 🙂 The smiles… Read More »Milwaukee Six-Month Photos | Harrison David

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Milwaukee Three-Month Photos | Harrison David

Milwaukee Three-Month Baby Photos | Harrison David Harrison David is three months old! During this Milwaukee three-month photo session we documented this special time and Harrison’s new skill of rolling from tummy to back! :O  As you may remember I documented Harrison’s newborn photos back in May (visit this link to see the blog post)! Since then, three months have passed and this boy is growing like a weed! If… Read More »Milwaukee Three-Month Photos | Harrison David