Grace Creatives Gear | What's In My Camera Bag?


I will often get asked about my camera bag, therefore I thought it would be fun to do a blog post all about the gear I use and what can usually be found in my camera bag when I show up to a shoot!

There are several photographers out there who would consider themselves gearheads: I don’t fit into this category. However, I do love the gear that I use. Before making decisions on most of the gear that I use, I spent some time researching and talking to other photographers! 


I shoot with two Canon EOS Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Bodies.

The first digital camera I ever owned personally was a Canon Powershot…I then went on to purchase two more (broken cameras can be blamed on high school and college Alison). In 2012, I decided to upgrade from my point and shoot to a DSLR and purchased a Canon Rebel over Thanksgiving weekend. A few years later, I taught myself how to shoot in manual mode with this Canon camera. Therefore, when deciding which camera to use professionally, I knew that I always loved Canon’s interface but learned that the glass in Canon’s lenses is really nice and I was sold. 🙂


I currently own three different lenses: The Canon EF 50mm F/1.4, The Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 II, and the Samyang 14mm F/2.8. 

If I had to choose, I’d say that the 24-70 is my favorite ‘go-to’ lens. It is the lens that I will typically shoot with because of its versatility and ability to zoom. 🙂

My next lens purchase will definitely be the 70-200mm. 

Camera Bag

I purchased this camera bag back in 2018 and since then I feel like it has grown in popularity! I literally see it everywhere! It is the Kamrette Lyra Camera Bag (in ‘tan’ color). 

When looking for a camera bag, I wanted a full-functional backpack bag with secure padding. However, I also wanted one that would look nice while traveling and working during weddings. After a search on Instagram, I found this one! It shipped from Australia and took a bit of time to get to the US, but overall I love this bag and have no complaints!  

memory Cards

I shoot with SanDisk Extreme & Extreme Pro memory cards (both CF and SD).  I own mostly 32GB cards, but have some 64GB cards as well! 

I store all of my SD cards in this handy dandy case: the Think Tank Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Case (black). Absolutely ridiculous name, haha, but overall a great case! I like the fabric, size, and pocket layout! I am sure at some point I will purchase a more durable case, but this one works well and fits perfectly in my camera bag! 


For my on-camera flash, I use the Canon Speedlight 430 EX III-RT Flash

I mostly prefer natural lighting, but when external artificial light is needed, I will use my wireless trigger, softbox, and light panels (these items don’t fit quite as nicely in my camera bag). 

Film Cameras

I own three film cameras (two pictured here): the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, the Pentax K1000, and the Minolta 7000 Maxxum. 

I love using the Instax for pop-up photobooths or at the end of family sessions. It is fun to share a quick sneak peek and tangible picture to hang on your fridge or wall. 

I mostly shoot with the Minolta and Pentax on vacation or with friends. However, I will bust them out during a portrait session from time to time as well. 

Travel Hard Drive

I back-up all of my photos…twice. However, all ‘working copies’ of the photos are stored on this portable hard drive: the WD 256Gb My Passport SSD Portable Storage.

It is small, but works well and travels nicely…a must-have for working remotely or somewhere with slow internet. 

Lens Cleaner

I carry around a microfiber lens cleaner and the LensPen NLP-1. 

I have a few other tools as well but these are the go-to cleaners I store in my bag! 


For my flash, I use the Amazon basics rechargeable batteries. 

For my cameras, I use the standard Canon battery pack and charger! 

There you have it! Most of the camera gear that you can find in my camera bag at any given time! 🙂