Alison with Grace Creatives Photography

Hi! My name is Alison…Alison Grace, and I am the founder of Grace Creatives. A Milwaukee-based lifestyle photography company aimed at continuing to serve, document, and produce creatives that remain in people’s hearts and homes forever. In this first blog post, I just wanted to introduce myself and play a little game of would you rather:
    • Would you rather play a board game or go to the mall?
      • Play a board game. Fo sho.
    • Would you rather visit a new brewery or winery?
      • Winery. Sorry, not sorry? I prefer wine or cider over beer. 🙂
    • Would you rather plan a getaway to somewhere warm or cold?
      • GAH. Probably somewhere warm. However, it should be noted that I love skiing, a fresh coat of snow and change of seasons. I could probably never live in a place that doesn’t experience the coolness of winter or a vibrant color change during the fall.
    • Would you rather sleep-in or wake-up to catch the sunrise?
      • Sleep-in…I love dreaming!
    • Would you rather Instagram or Facebook?
      • Insta…i’m a photographer, duh. 😉 When on Facebook, I tend to just look at pictures anyway.
    • Would you rather buy a new clothing item in Navy or Black?
      • Black!
  • Would you rather watch Harry Potter or Star Wars?
What would your answer be to each? 🙂 Can’t wait to continue to serve you through Grace Creatives and this avenue! Now go out and cherish this day! 🙂 (Photo Credit goes to the lovely and talented Celess Titus with Simply Marie Photography!)
Alison with Grace Creatives Photography, a Colorado lifestyle photography company