How to View and Download Photos From Your Digital Gallery

How to View and Download From Your Digital Gallery

Thank you so much for trusting Grace Creatives to document your most meaningful moments! If you are reading this, then you’re probably ready to download and cherish your digital images! This blog post was written to help you become more confident with Grace Creatives’ digital gallery experience and process.

Step One: Receive gallery link in your email inbox

Lucky you…your images are ready to be viewed! 🙂 Check your inbox for an email from “Grace Creatives via” If you know that I sent the gallery link but don’t see it in your inbox, then be sure to check your spam folder.

Step Two: Open the gallery

A button to view the gallery is conveniently located at the beginning of your email. Click on the “view gallery” button to open the gallery.

Step Three: Enter your email

Feel free to share the gallery link with family and friends! All visitors need to enter an email address to log-in and view images.

Step Four: Check out those pics!

Before choosing your favorites, take a few moments to simply scroll through (from top to bottom) and view ALL the images. Feel free to smile along the way as well. 🙂

Step Five: Use the gallery tools and buttons to help guide your experience


  • This button is located in the top menu bar and will take you to the home page (the first page you see when entering the gallery). 



  • If you want to view the pricing sheet or Grace Creatives’ contact information, click on this button at the top of the page. 


  • Click the ‘star’ button below your favorite images to automatically them into the favorites album. This album is linked to your email address and serves as an excellent tool when:
    • Sorting images to print and/or add to albums
    • Narrowing down images if you have a limited number of downloads (ex: from a mini session). 



  • Click this button at the top of the page to view your shopping cart. When adding an item to the cart, open an image and click on the ‘shopping cart’ icon. Choose to buy images individually or as a part of a package. 



  • Share images and the gallery with your friends and family using the ‘share’ button. This will then prompt you to share via the following options: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. 



  • Click this button to download images! 



  • If you want to display all photos at a group event or during your reception, hook-up a computer to a large display screen and click on the “Slideshow” button.
  • TIP: If you don’t want to share all of the photos in the gallery, then choose your favorites, click on the “favorites” link in the top menu, and then click on “slideshow” once you are there.



  • A package is simply a bundle of prints or canvases offered at a discount price.

Step Six: Download your images

    1. If you have a limited number of downloads (ex: only 10 or 20 digital image downloads), then click the download button next to the image that you wish to download. Enter your user-specific pin number and click “apply pin.” The jpeg file will then be downloaded to your computer or phone. A running tally in the pop-up window will display the number of downloads left. 
    2. If you have unlimited downloads, then you can choose to either download all photos or only images from certain folders (ex: favorites or subfolders). 


If you are downloading images to your phone and need help finding the files, here are a few resources to help: 

      1. ANDROID:
      2. Apple:

Step Seven: Save images to a safe place and back them up

Need help organizing your images on your computer? Visit this blog post!

2 year old photos during Family Portraits at Lake Vista Park

Step Eight: Print your images

Why should you purchase prints? Click here.

Need ideas on how to display your prints? Click here. 

As always, if you come across issues or have additional questions please email me! Feel like an expert? Share your tips with me so that I can pass them along to future clients! 🙂