Intimate Wedding in Downtown Denver | Drew and Rae

I love documenting love! Even better when you love the people whose love you are capturing! 🙂 If you didn’t follow that, then let me introduce you to Drew and Rae; my older brother and sister-in-law. They were married on a warm and sunny July 30th with an intimate wedding in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Intimate Wedding in Downtown Denver_Couple Collage in front of the courthouse

I completely call “God’s Plan” on these two meeting. Picture this; they are both from Wisconsin, grew up in the same region fifteen minutes away, only one year apart in age, went to the same college, and never met until they moved halfway across the country to Colorado. A mutual friend, Rachel, was visiting Colorado and wanted to hang out with both of them. The rest just fell into place and I am so excited that I have another girl in my immediate family!

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Intimate Wedding in Downtown Denver_Wedding Day Portrait

They were engaged during springtime earlier in 2018, and knew that they weren’t really interested in planning a huge wedding. Therefore, they decided to have a small and intimate ceremony in downtown Denver on July 30th, 2018 to tie the knot and make it official.

After the judge made it official, their families ventured under the shade of a large tree in Civic Center Park to take some family portraits. After formal portraits, the couple and I walked around the park to document their couple portraits.

Intimate Wedding in Downtown Denver_Collage of Wedding day portraits

I was honored to be able to witness their vows, witness the happiness from their immediate family, and document some of their first newlywed moments. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. LaGrange…we love you!

Intimate Wedding in Downtown Denver_Wedding Day Kiss

Photographer: Grace Creatives Photography

Location: Intimate Wedding in Downtown Denver at Civic Center Park