Privacy Policy

Effective January 1, 2019, this Privacy Policy has been established to provide the User with information about their interactions with Grace Creatives, LLC. This privacy policy applies to Grace Creatives, LLC (website and all subsites that follow). This policy is intended to share information with the User (consumer and customer) regarding data collection from Grace Creatives, LLC. If you have any questions regarding the information given in this privacy policy, then you can contact Alison Kroening via e-mail at

The User is anyone who visits, consumes content, hires out Grace Creatives, LLC, signs up for email notifications, signs up to receive any ‘freebie’ or any downloadable item from or via e-mail from or any email address thereof.

User has the right to withdraw their contact information from at any point of time. In order to withdraw, clearly state your name and contact information and desired removal action. If the user would like to request and/or review corrections to the way that Grace Creatives, LLC uses his/her data, then they may do so by emailing with their name, contact information, and specific request of action or information.

Grace Creatives, LLC collects information in order to determine marketing strategies, the location of customers, repeat customers and etc. This information affects the daily business of Grace Creatives, LLC and the content that it creates and the services that it offers to its customers.

Grace Creatives, LLC does not track cookies as of January 24, 2019. We do not keep data for long periods of time and we do not dispose of data after a certain point in time.

Terms and Conditions

The User agrees to the fact that all images, text, designs, graphics, icons, videos, logos, taglines, trademarks and services marks are owned by and the property of Grace Creatives, LLC unless used and credited to someone / a different entity other than Grace Creatives, LLC.

When consuming, reading, or using, note that it is a violation of federal law to use any of Grace Creatives, LLC’s materials in whole or in part or modifications of the materials whether large or small without permission from Grace Creatives, LLC. Any User misusing the content created on may be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent permissible should we choose to do so. This includes financial penalties and/or legal persecution to force the user from using the intellectual property of Grace Creatives, LLC effective immediately.

If you wish to use any images, you will need to reach out to and request permission. The permission must be clearly stated and credit must be given. You do not have official permission unless given clearly via email from

All rights reserved. All rights not expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions of Use or express written here are reserved by this Company (Grace Creatives, LLC).


The User expressly agrees and understands that while using this Site ( and all aforementioned Sites, the User is expressly prohibited from impermissibly appropriating or using any content from this Site absent written permission. “Content”, for the purposes described herein, includes any and all text, copy, photographs, or opinions expressed on this Site. If the User uses any such Content absent express permission by Alison Kroening, Grace Creatives, LLC will notify User that they must remove the offending Content. If the User fails to remove such Content after a period of 30 days, User will pay an automatic fine of $1000 for each offense.

If you have any additional questions about any term of these Terms of Use, Copyright, or Privacy Policy, please contact us at