Madison Engagement Session | Hannah and Kyle

I was thrilled to be able to document Hannah and Kyle’s Madison engagement session this past weekend! Although it was overcast, Hannah and Kyle were happy to get outside and show me why they love Madison so much!

Photo collage of an engaged couple at the Arboretum in Madison Wisconsin

Hannah and Kyle met about 6 years ago through work. Kyle had been living in Madison (after graduating from UW), and Hannah had just moved to the area to start her career. Since Hannah is a friend from college, I have loved being able to see their relationship grow!  Hannah and Kyle bring out the best of each other and love sharing adventurous hobbies. Some of these hobbies include running, skiing, kayaking, and biking! Although it’s not a hobby, both Hannah and Kyle LOVE the city of Madison. Thus, it was so it was fun to see them in their element. The two locations that they chose for us to visit were the Arboretum and Picnic Point.  

Engaged couple kissing on the ground at the Arboretum during this Madison engagement session

We started our evening together adventuring around the Arboretum. Since the weather was drizzly, we were lucky to find lots of quiet and people-less spots to take some photos.

Engaged couple standing close together in the evergreen section of the Madison Arboretum
photo collage of Hannah and Kyle during their Madison engagement session

As we wandered around the ‘Garden Area,’ we found lots of picturesque benches and winding trees. My favorite section was definitely the evergreen tree area. 🙂

Engaged couple laughing and holding up their hands at the Arboretum in Madison Wisconsin

After touring around the Garden, we ventured into the Wingra Woods. Besides finding lots of muddy sections of the trail, we found several large stumps. I loved these stumps! They challenged the inner child in us as we climbed on top and took pictures.

Engaged couple hugging on a stump off a trail at the Arboretum in Madison Wisconsin
Madison Engagement session picture of an engaged couple holding hands

After the Arboretum, we left and drove to Picnic Point in hopes of finding a sunset. Instead, we found dynamic and dreamy fog! This spot in Madison is so fun! Despite the fog, there were plenty of people hanging out, starting camp fires, and trail running.

Photo collage of an engaged couple at Picnic Point in Madison Wisconsin
Engaged couple sitting on a tree branch over Lake Mendota at Picnic point

All in all, I loved spending my Sunday evening with Hannah, Kyle, and their adventurous souls in order to document this Madison engagement session.

If you or someone you know wants to hang out at the Arboretum or Picnic Point with me, then I am down! Follow this link to my connect page or shoot me an email! 🙂