Milwaukee Three-Month Baby Photos | Harrison David

Harrison David is three months old! During this Milwaukee three-month photo session we documented this special time and Harrison’s new skill of rolling from tummy to back! :O 

Smiling Milwaukee Baby photos
backyard milwaukee baby photos
Family photos in a milwaukee backyard
family photo with dog in milwaukee

As you may remember I documented Harrison’s newborn photos back in May (visit this link to see the blog post)! Since then, three months have passed and this boy is growing like a weed!


If I were to create a book from this session, it would be titled “The big book of Harry’s facial expressions!” Throughout our time together, there were looks of concern, laughter, sadness, surprise, contentment, and silliness. On top of all these faces, Harrison let me document his obsession with his hands and love of sticking out his tongue! 

3 month old baby with mom
3 month old baby with sour facial expression
3 month old baby rolling over
3 month old baby with toy giraffe
3 month old baby looking at mom during photo session
milwuakee family baby photos
3 month old baby feet
happy baby being held by mom during three month baby photoshoot in milwukaee
baby being held by dad during three month baby photoshoot in milwukaee
3 month old baby sticking out tongue during milwaukee baby photos

Curious to see more of Harrisons’ monthly milestones photos? Well you’re in luck! More goodness is in store as Grace Creatives continues to watch this baby grow and photograph his 6 month, 9 month, and one-year old photos!! 

A baby’s features and personality can change SO much during the first year of life. If you’re interested in hiring Grace Creatives to capture all of your baby’s milestones, then reach out today!