Photographer in Milwaukee WI

We’re Wisconsin-ites, and thanks for following along with the story of this new photographer in Milwaukee WI! 🙂

Adventurous midwesterners with a dream. That’s us, and that is what brought us to Colorado almost 6 years ago. Shane had the opportunity to get his masters degree at CU while working full-time, and given the choice of mountains or no mountains, we choose mountains. Thus, we became newlyweds, moved to Denver, purchased a starter home, learned about who we are as a couple (away from safe routines and WI roots), and developed some pretty amazing life-long friendships.

Milwaukee Photographer in Telluride Colorado

All that to say, it was a tough choice to move back to Wisconsin starting in 2019. We love Colorado and all of the life that it has brought us, but knew that we wanted to live in the Midwest close to Shane’s family and a culture that we both love and cherish…and so, we now live in Milwaukee.

I am excited to work with Grace Creatives full-time as a photographer in Milwaukee WI. I’m so excited to get to know the best of the midwest and meet more individuals who don’t blink twice if I pronounce the word ‘bag’ a little different, haha.

If you know anyone in the Milwaukee area who wants to share their story with me and invite me into their lives so that I can document some pretty special memories, please feel free to share my name!

Am I excited to cheer on the Badgers? Go on mini adventures across the state to New Glarus Brewery? Am I excited to serve others in this corner of the US? Youuu becha! 🙂

Wisconsin Photographer in Milwaukee WI
Cheers to a new chapter!