Mother's Day Gift Guide | Mother's Day Session

It’s May, and Mother’s day is right around the corner!

I know that I am so thankful for all of the wonderful women in my life and each of those women who are also mothers! Each day, mothers are able to withstand moments that test their faith, multiply their love, and serve just to serve. Mother’s day is a great time to remember and honor mothers all over the world and their big ‘ole hearts. Hopefully, this guide helps you find a beautiful gift that will articulate your love, allow you to spend some precious time with them, and show the moms in your life just how much you treasure them!

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The mother with a heart for Adventure:

  • Plan a trip! This can be a micro adventure, hike or large trip that she will forever hold in her heart!
  • Set-up a fun scavenger hunt for her this mother’s day! At each location, you give her clues or gift cards to do a fun activity (ex: SUP, coffee shop, winery, hike, or etc).

The mother with a heart for Wellness:

  • Sign up and take a workout class with mom this year!  In Denver, we have Yoga on the Rocks, why not gift this time with your mom and perhaps make it an annual occurrence. Otherwise, if you are not into yoga, I’m sure there are several classes that you can find through your local gym, studio or even Groupon.
  • Book a fun 5k! Choose one that is right up her alley! If she has a dog, find a dog-friendly race. If she loves supporting a certain cause, sign up for that one and then make a color-coordinated tutu or fun costume.  

The mother with a heart for Nature:

  • Sign up for a potting class together. Search for a nursery that provides all of the tools to help you make floral arrangements or hanging basket. Some nurseries might actually keep them on hand and help them grow until the weather warms up a bit more!
  • Make a donation in her name to a non-profit or conservation group that she loves.

The mother with a heart for Quality time:

  • Treat her to brunch, happy hour, or dinner! Why not give her an excuse to dress up and have some fun with her kiddos?
  • Plan a fun mother-daughter photo shoot! Why not document this stage of life and have fun together out and about. It is such a fun and unique gift idea that I know she will love! If interested in booking a Mother’s Day Session with Mom in Denver, feel free to reach out on my contact page! 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day!

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