New Berlin Newborn Portraits | Baby Elijah

During this newborn portrait session in New Berlin Wisconsin, Grace Creatives was able to capture all of baby Elijah’s precious features, a whole family portrait in front of the Christmas tree and a special Harley Davidson appearance.

Mom and Dad welcomed Elijah into the world on Christmas 2019. He is now a healthy and growing boy, but mom calls him her little Christmas blessing because of all the complications and scary hospitalization surrounding his birth. Nevertheless, they were all strong though the entire process and were happy to welcome his sweet soul into the world before the new year. 

As you can see in the image above (right), Elijah’s parents kept their Christmas tree up until I visited and took their family pictures. Elijah’s little onesie says “Silent Night (What’s that?)” lol.


Over the years, many special memories and sightseeing moments have happened with Dad’s motorcycle. Therefore, with dad’s hands close by and some Grace Creatives photoshop skills we were able to capture a few images of Elijah with dad’s favorite mode of transportation. 

*Photoshopped Image of Elijah with Dad’s Harley Davidson Motorcycle