Pet Portrait Session | Shelley & Sophie

Man’s best friend: Someone who loves you no matter what, is always excited to see you, and takes on a whole new meaning to the word ‘companion.’ Sophie is no different. For the past 8 years, Shelley and Sophie have been through a lot together. Shelley’s parents have keenly noted this special bond between these two and wanted to be sure to provide Shelley with a gift that captures their beautiful relationship…a pet portrait session in Longmont, Colorado!

Pet Portrait Session In Milwuakee Wisconsin

Though she may be little, Sophie is one strong pup! This past year, Sophie has been through a lot health-wise; a couple of masses, some surgeries, and lots of follow-up medication. Yet, she remains a pillar of love and support for Shelley’s family through it all. In addition to her selflessness, Sophie displays lots of other great qualities: Uber protective of her owners. Yet, can show her true colors and love to strangers after she gets to know you. Values the art of ‘sunday snuggles’ but can rage like a 2 month old puppy if you dare bring out a squeaky toy. AND many more!

Wisconsin Pet Portrait Session

Although it was a clammy fall day, our session together was pleasant! We met at park near their neighborhood (a Sophie favorite) and started with a quick game of fetch to get Sophie’s energy up. Then, we waked their normal route through the park and found some of the ‘best sniffed’ areas.

Pet Portrait Session with Milwaukee resident

To finish up, we headed back to Shelley’s parents’ house in order to capture some cozy moments (picture a warm fire, hot cocoa, and puppy snuggles…OhEmmGee).

Pet Portrait Session with Sophie
Pet Portrait Session fun and games

All in all, I had an absolute fun time using my skills to document this special relationship and getting to know this family a little more! If you’re in Milwaukee and thinking about adding a dog to your fam, 😉 here is a website with more information to support your decision making:

I love working with dog-owners. Reach out, if you want to do a pet portrait session with me!

Pet Portrait Session